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Birth & Beyond

Birth & Beyond Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Our aim is to increase the confidence and independence of families.
Home-Start believes that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play the key role in giving their children the best start in life and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Home Start aims to support this through home visiting, family groups in the community and project work.

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Journey to School And Journey to Nursery Workshops

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Over the past few months Home-Start Mid and West Suffolk have been working in partnership with schools and nurseries across West Suffolk to support children and parents as they move into educational settings.

Parents/carers have been introduced to a range of fun activities that they can emulate at home thus continuing to build their children's skills and confidence in preparation for starting nursery or school.

The following slides show examples of the fun and exciting activities on offer within our Journey to School / Nursery workshops, together with the learning outcomes promoted.

Educational Games And Puzzles

Social skills - turn taking, conversations, listening skills, understanding and following instructions, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, number recognition, counting Shape, size, patterns.

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Hand Gym Activities

These activities help with:
Finger and hand muscles, pincer grip ready for holding a pencil, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, focus and perseverance.

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Let's Get Creative

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

These activities help with:
self-expression and creativity, exploring materials, fine motor skills, mark making, using tools

Story Sacks

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Help to develop:
A love of books and stories, using books and story props, language and communication, listening skills, self expression and imagination, early literacy skills - story telling, sequencing, characters, extending stories.

Small World Play

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Language, communication, social skills, self expression, acting out familiar and new experiences, storytelling, sensory awareness.

Fun with Food

Helps to promote:
Healthy eating / healthy choices, having fun with food / exploring food, food preparation - using utensils safely, awareness of hygiene language, communication and social skills.

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

Journey to school Home Start Mid & West Suffolk

20.11.2017 Feedback from Newmarket Group parent.

I recently had a lovely conversation with parent at Horse-shoe family Group who had attended our Treasure basket workshops at Foley House in August. Mum explained that she was really enjoying using treasure baskets at home with her baby. Mum explained that baby loves treasure basket play, he gets excited when he sees the basket and hasn't lost interest in it. Mum continues to add items to the basket and loves looking out for things that she thinks baby would like to explore. Mum is so impressed that she has now set up another treasure basket for her new baby nephew as a Christmas present, she has seen the benefits first hand of how this type of play supports her baby's development and how much pleasure he gets from this type of play and would like to share it with other family members. These comments shared by the parent really confirm the importance and success of running workshops for parents and their children that promote early learning at home, and the role this plays in helping to improve future outcomes for families and children.

Recorded by Kerry Agricole, Family Coordinator & Birth and Beyond Project facilitator.

Birth And Beyond Project

Home-Start Mid And West Suffolk

Many more exciting workshops are planned for 2020.
We look forward to sharing them with you soon.